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Staunton Taupe Range

The Staunton Taupe Range is a stylish, whimsical collection of taupe grey painted wooden furniture. Each piece comes with scalloped edge detailing and gold metal handles.

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This Pair of Scalloped 3 Drawer Bedside Tables from the Staunton Taupe Range are a pretty, on trend furniture piece ideal for fans of taupe grey furniture, scalloped edges and whimsical design. These bedsides have a 3 drawer design and come with a taupe painted finish, gold metal handles and scalloped detailing on the bottom edge. These matching marvels, swathed in a stately taupe, with their graceful curves and poised scalloped edges. Each table boasts a trifecta of drawers, decked out with winsome knobs, perfect for tucking away the treasures of twilight. They're not just storage; they're a pair of serene sentinels keeping watch over your nocturnal kingdom. With a top that's just waiting to host your nightly necessities or a lamp to read by, these tables aren't merely furniture—they're your bedtime companions, steadfast in style and storage. Welcome these twins into your boudoir and let them take a bow as the silent heroes of your harmonious habitat.
Save £39.95 | RRP £289.90
This Large Scalloped 3 Drawer Chest of Drawers from Staunton Taupe Range is a stylish yet whimsical furniture piece, perfect for fans of the scalloped edge or waved edge trend. Crafted from wood, this chest of drawer has a large 3 drawer design and comes with a warm taupe grey finish. The chest is completed with scalloped edging on the bottom and gold metal handles. Its delightful scalloped apron dances with a subtle whimsy, adding a playful edge to its stately silhouette. Perfect for the discerning organizer who desires a blend of capacious storage and charming aesthetics, it’s not just a chest—it's a centrepiece of decorum and grace. Whether it’s serving as a repository for your finery or as a stage for your favourite vase and reading material, this chest is a steadfast sentinel in the pursuit of an elegantly equipped boudoir.
Save £70.00 | RRP £389.95
This Large Scalloped 3 Drawer Chest of Drawers & Pair of Bedside Tables from the Staunton Taupe Range is the perfect bedroom furniture set for lovers of neutral colours and pretty detailing. Crafted from wood, each piece comes with a warm, taupe grey painted finish and gold metal handles. This splendid set includes a majestic chest of drawers complemented by two stalwart bedside tables, each flaunting a trio of drawers trimmed with fetching knobs. Cloaked in the genteel shade of taupe, this ensemble whispers of dignified dreams and orderly awakenings. The scalloped charm of the collection is like a soft serenade to storage, bringing a chorus of calm to any bedroom. The chest, standing proudly, is a bastion of organization, while the bedside tables are ever ready to cradle your evening essentials. This is not just a furniture set; it's a trio of trusty companions ready to transform your bedroom into a bastion of tranquillity and taste.
Save £179.90 | RRP £679.85
This 3 Drawer Scalloped Bedside Table from the Staunton Taupe Range is a stylish yet simple bedside table, ideal for placing next to a bed, sofa or in a hallway. This table is made of wood and comes with a warm, taupe grey painted finish, scalloped detailing and gold metal handles. The trio of drawers, each sporting a jaunty knob, stands ready to harbour your nightly necessaries with a whisper of grace. It's not just a piece of furniture, but a bedside ballad in wood, with a scalloped flourish that serenades your senses each eve. Whether it's a cosy lamp's abode or a sanctuary for your cherished novel, this bedside table ensures your slumbers are surrounded by both sophistication and charm. Make no mistake, this isn't just a resting spot for your cuppa—it's a miniature stage for life's little luxuries.
Save £25.00 | RRP £144.95

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