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Our selection of wall art ranges from classic wall art, stag heads, angel wings, and the odd weird and wonderful item too! Suited to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens .... in fact we have something for all!

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This Large White Twig Heart Wall Art would make stylish wall decor for rustic, country or shabby chic style homes. Made of wooden twigs, this wall art has been crafted into a love heart shape and completed with a white washed finish. A great gift for fans of country style interiors. A striking wall decor choice, ideal for neutral toned interiors. This wall heart could be placed in a bedroom, hallway, kitchen or living room. A great piece of art that will stand out on any wall in a rustic antique white finish, this is simply beautiful and will add a look of love and romance to a feature wall.
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Save £86.00 | RRP £135.95
Give your home a romantic shabby chic makeover with this gorgeous wooden love heart Beautiful eye catching wall art that will look simply fabulous hung on the wall in the living room, hallway or bedroom. Finished in a soft cream colour this heart will stand out and make statement. The perfect gift idea for a loved one or friends and family. This stunning heart would also make a wonderful display at a wedding, with hearts symbolising love, simply perfect.
Save £68.00 | RRP £110.95
This Winged Cherub Wall Art is a pretty, vintage inspired decorative wall art piece, perfect for lovers of French style home accessories and angelic decor. Made of resin, this artwork comes with a winged cherub design and an antique creamy white finish. A lovely decor piece for use as part of a gallery wall or as a stand alone decorative item. Due to its antique inspired design. this is best suited for vintage, shabby chic or eclectic style interior spaces. This can be wall mounted via a hook on the back.
Save £2.00 | RRP £10.95
This Large Rustic World Map Hanging Canvas Print is a stylish wall decor piece for fans of vintage style and farmhouse inspired decor. Made of canvas and wood, this wall map has an antiqued design and comes with a double hemisphere style print. This map can be wall hung via string at the top of the map print. Perfect for fans of world travel and rustic decor, this map would look fabulous hung in an office, hallway or living room space. A great gift for birthdays or Christmas. This would make a great gift for the world traveller, geography or cartography enthusiast.
Save £17.00 | RRP £49.95
Step back in time with our Vintage White Distressed Fleur De Lys Wall Plaque, an exquisite slice of antique charm that's ready to grace your modern walls. Wonderfully charming in a weathered, distressed look to give an aged effect and a little shabby chic theme. Hang above the doorway, bed or mantel to create a dramatic effect. This item has an ornate design with a distressed white finish. It can be wall mounted via hooks on the back of the item.
This Vintage White Fleur De Lys Wall Plaque is an ornate, French inspired wall decor choice, ideal for lovers of vintage style and white decor. Made of wood, this wall plaque has a curved, vintage inspired Fleur De Lys design and comes with a White painted finish. A charming, vintage style wall decor choice, ideal for placing above a doorway, on a gallery wall or as a feature wall art piece. Due to its vintage look and white finish, this wall art piece is best suited for vintage, shabby chic or country style interiors. This item is also available in Rustic Wood & Antique White.
Save £2.00 | RRP £16.95
Elevate your kitchen or dining space with our "Giant Decorative Wall-Mounted Cutlery Set". A perfect blend of form and function, this set serves as a captivating art piece while celebrating culinary delights. With its oversized design, this cutlery set becomes a striking focal point, making any room exude charm and character. Whether it's the kitchen, dining area, or a restaurant, this set brings an element of whimsy and sophistication to the surroundings. Made with premium materials, the set promises longevity and is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it remains an eye-catching feature for years. Reimagine your space with a dash of culinary artistry. The Giant Decorative Wall-Mounted Cutlery Set isn’t just décor – it’s a conversation starter, evoking memories of hearty meals and joyful gatherings. Perfect for those who cherish both food and artful design. Enhance your home’s ambiance with this unique decorative addition today.
Save £17.00 | RRP £39.95
This Rustic White Metal 'Happy Place' Wall Sign is a simple, quirky piece of wall art, ideal for placing in a kitchen, hallway, bedroom or office space. Made of metal, this wall plaque comes with a rustic white painted finish and embossed black lettering spelling out 'This is our happy place'. Perfect for those with rustic, industrial, country or vintage style spaces. A great gift for new homeowners or gardeners. This can be wall mounted via the two holes on either side of the sign.
Save £2.00 | RRP £9.95
This Extra Large Rustic Wicker Wall Mountable Heart would add a touch of rustic, farmhouse style charm to any wall space. Made of wooden wicker, this item has a classic love heart shaped design and a washed finish. A fabulous rustic, country inspired large wicker heart. This would make an excellent statement wall piece in a living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or hallway. Update your walls with some shabby chic style decor. Finished with a natural brown colour wash giving a very natural and rustic feel
Save £74.00 | RRP £128.95
This unique Lakeside Hanging Canvas in country style is a charming and evocative piece of decor that brings the serene beauty of lakeside living into your home. An ideal piece of wall art for those who love to showcase their passion for the countryside. The nature of hanging canvases makes them easy to incorporate into various spaces.
Create a classic French feel in your home with this stunning ornate Fleur De Lys wall plaque. Made of wood, this item has an ornate design with a distressed cream finish. It can be wall mounted via hooks on the back of the item. Wonderfully charming in a weathered, distressed look to give an aged effect and a little shabby chic theme. Hang above the doorway, bed or mantel to create a dramatic effect. This plaque will add a unique feature to your home and a great conversation piece.

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Bring some personality to your home with our large range of wall art. Whether you're looking for a one off piece that is a little unique, or some wall art to create your very own gallery wall we have something for everyone. 

How to Create A Gallery Wall

1. Mix up the styles of art on your gallery wall. It's a great way to show your personality so mixing different themes, imagery, and sizes is a great way to make your wall interesting.

2. Don't rush! It's tempting to go online and buy lots of pieces in one go however sometimes it is better to start with just one piece you love and build out your collection from there. 

3. You don't need a huge wall. Not everyone has a huge, empty wall to build a gallery but it realy doesn't matter. If you don't have a lot of space you can try starting with creating something around your windows, or if you have a two story house, go up your staircase.

4. Pick a style of gallery wall. Is your home more organised and neat or more comfortable and soft? Most gallery walls fall into two styles - a grid or linear neat placement, or a more electric random placement. Knowing the style of your home will help you create the right layout that emphasises your style.

5. Before you start hammering into your walls, lay your art out on the floor & take multiple photos of different arrangements. Once you have chosen your favourite, measure the whole display to make sure it fits & works with your wall space.

6. Be consistent with your spacing. The standard spacing for a gallery wall is 2inchs between your pieces, so make sure you as measuring as you go along. If you are going for a more relaxed gallery wall, it doesn't matter so much.

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