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Black and Gold is a classic that is here to stay! Create your own chic decor theme with this elegant colour combination. Read More...

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Black and Gold

Black and Gold is a classic colour combination for a reason; elegant, bold and always chic!

This stylish colour assortment will instantly add a touch of luxury to any space.

The greatest element of this interior trend?

It can be used in any room! Black and Gold looks just as fabulous in a bathroom as it does a bedroom! 

Why should I decorate with Black and Gold?

Do you love bold, sleek, exciting interiors? Do you wish to recreate this statement look in your own home? Using Black and Gold home decor is one of the easiest ways to make your home stand out from the crowd!

But how far will you go?

Paint Colour, Murals & Wallpapers:

One of the most popular interior trends of the last 10 years has been a feature wall.

A feature wall could be painted a daring colour, include an intricate mural or be wallpapered with a quirky print!

Regardless of the type of feature wall you want, this would be the simplest way to introduce black and gold into your decor theme.


The right Furniture can completely transform the style of a room. Introducing Black furniture into a bedroom, living room or dining room will create a dramatic effect and pull together your colour scheme.

If Black furniture is a little too bold for your tastes, gold furniture is a glamorous way to incorporate gold into your decor.

Gold furniture is an opulent choice, regardless of design. If you want to avoid your gold furniture looking to over the top, start with something simple, like a gold side table and build your room from there.

Home Decor:

Home decor is one of the easiest ways to introduce Black and Gold into your decor theme. A large mirror, in either colour, is a great way to start adding Black or Gold to your home. We stock a varied selection of mirrors in black and gold, including round mirrors, full length mirrors, free standing mirrors, wall mirrors and more!

We boast a beautiful collection of decor in a variety of styles and designs, including vintage, modern, art deco, retro, industrial, scandi and rustic styles. Our home decor includes wall art, candle holders, trays, baskets, clocks, storage boxes, lighting and more!

What are the most popular Black furniture, mirrors and home decor items?

Black is one of the hardest colours to style right. Too much and it will take over the room. Use too little and it stands out for the wrong reasons - it looks out of place. 

So how do you get styling with black right? By choosing the right items of course!

Our most popular Black decor pieces are by far our extensive mirrors collection. We stock a stunning variety of black mirrors in vintage, industrial, modern and scandi designs. Our Black mirrors include items designed for bathrooms, such as products with shelving or hooks for extra storage.

Shelving are some of our bestselling home accessories, many of these designs are available in black. In fact, our most popular shelving options are black!

As for Black furniture, side tables are our top sellers! In particular our Metal Basket Tables are firm customer favourites, we love their scandi inspired style and excellent storage capabilities.

What are the most popular Gold furniture, mirrors and home decor items?

Gold furniture is a great way to glam up any room and add a little opulence to your decor theme!

Our favourite gold furniture items are from our art deco inspired Venus and Cleopatra ranges! These Gold Mirrored furniture items oozes luxury and elegance!

However, Gold Mirrors are definitely our top selling Gold home decor items, that’s why we have so many different Gold mirror options! We stock Wall mirrors, round mirrors, full length mirrors, mantle mirrors and more! Our Round Gold Mirrors are available in a wide selection of sizes and finishes.

As for Gold home decor, mirrored trays and candle holders are our top selling gold choices, followed closely by our gold wall decor designs!

How long will it take to deliver my order?

How long your delivery takes to get to you depends on several factors. What you have ordered, where in the country you live and if that item is in stock. Luckily, we make sure our customers are aware if an item is in stock or not by listing its availability on each item. If a product is not currently in stock, we make sure to state the date it is expected back in stock on the listing page. Thankfully, most items on our website will arrive within 1-3 working days of you placing your order! However, large or delicate items such as furniture or large mirrors may take longer. Some products may take up to 12 days to be delivered. We will always try to get our customers’ orders to them as soon as possible.

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