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Add some classic elegance with a contemporary twist to your interior with our stunning ‘Modern Luxe’ collection. A beautiful selection of furniture, mirrors, seating and home accessories with a glamorous edge. The perfect home trend for anyone who loves the luxury feel but still wants a contemporary look. Read More...

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Extra Large Round Antique Gold Mirror 92cm x 92cm
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Large Black Thin Framed Leaner Mirror 80cm x 180cm
Save £24.50 | RRP £199.95
Save £5.00 | RRP £199.95
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Large Art Deco Fan Frameless Wall Mirror
Save £20.00 | RRP £199.95
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Large Ornate Silver Wall / Floor Mirror 90cm x 168cm
Save £10.00 | RRP £86.95
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Save £5.00 | RRP £179.95
Tall Brushed Gold Thin Framed Wall Mirror / Leaner Mirror 42cm x 156cm
Save £34.00 | RRP £298.95
Save £18.00 | RRP £242.95
Save £2.00 | RRP £59.95
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What is Modern Luxe?
Modern Luxe is the current take on the classic luxury interior style. Modern Luxe combines elements of traditional luxury style with contemporary design to create a sophisticated look that exudes glamour while remaining understatedly elegant.
One of the fabulous characteristics of Modern Luxe is that it can be incorporated into a variety of colour schemes. The Modern Luxe look works just as well in monochrome interiors as it does in bright and bold ones; colour can be used sparingly or liberally. Splashes of jewel tones can add depth and character to this look. The right use of materials and fabrics can make or break this style. Rich, soft, inviting fabrics are key in creating a welcoming luxe environment. After all, one of the elements of a luxurious lifestyle is the implicit relaxation involved – your luxe interior needs to be somewhere comfortable as well as gorgeous.
So how to you achieve this?
Begin by incorporating velvet, faux fur and detailed upholstery into your living space. Don’t be afraid of layering fabrics or miss matching patterns – the Modern Luxe look is meant to break traditional style rules and push boundaries. If you are unsure about colour use, start by adding some jewel toned cushions to create depth and add character to a room.
Next up, metallic tones. The use of gold, silver and copper tones in interiors is an undeniably classic luxury choice. Luxe interiors are all about opulence and metal tones can help support this. For example, using gold accessories and accents will instantly glam up any room. Think Silver mirrors, Gold trays and Copper candle holders.
Modern Luxe furniture is characterised by the use of classic shapes, materials and timeless design. Furniture used often straddles two extremes – think a traditional, vintage inspired upholstered velvet chair juxtaposed with a simple, sleek gold and glass coffee table.
Luxe interiors are about finding the right balance between the past and the present, between classic opulence and contemporary sophistication.
Browse the full Modern Luxe collection and style your home to perfection!

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