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Boho is back! Create your slice of bohemian heaven with our Boho Beautiful collection of furniture, mirrors and home décor that have a distinctly quirky, rustic or shabby chic twist. Browse the full collection and create your own beautifully bohemian home! Read More...

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What is Boho style?

Boho is umbrella term given to interiors with an eclectic mixture of textures, patterns and materials. The word boho derives from the word Bohemia – a central-eastern European country and the term bohemian that was given to those who lived an unconventional and often nomadic or artistic lifestyle. Bohemian style was embraced during the hippie movement of the 1960’s and 70’s as the look is born from a mixture of cultures. The great thing about boho style is it doesn’t matter if your furniture or décor is vintage, rustic contemporary or shabby chic style; anything goes!

However, there are themes of boho style. So, what are they?

African Boho
When many people think of boho style, they think of African inspired bohemia, namely the bright colours, clashing prints and metal tones that are often introduced into the décor of a boho themed living space. Include lanterns, jewel coloured cushions and ottoman style seating to achieve this laid back vibe.

European Boho
European boho is a little more refined in its mix and match approach, though strives to look spontaneous. European style boho is characterised by vintage style furniture paired with rustic beaded curtains and quirky wall art. Layers, mixed fabrics and statement wall décor will make or break this look.

Western Boho
As mentioned, the 1960’s and 70’s saw a resurgence in bohemian style, one that was influenced by the free love, community living that became a prominent characteristic of the counter culture. Western bohemian style relies heavily on natural materials and fabrics to complete the aesthetic, think exposed beams, tribal prints and pouffe’s or floor cushions rather than traditional seating.

Contemporary Boho
So what’s happening now with Boho style? Cotemporary Boho style borrows from it’s processors but combines elements of the classic boho styles with modern minimalists living. Think white wall and floors, wicker seating and animal head wall art. Cushions and rugs add splashes of colour while décor pieces can range from vintage, to African to contemporary.

View our full selection of Boho style items and create your own quirky heaven!
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