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Extra Large Round Black Wall Mirror 120cm x 120cm
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Round Black Mirrored Shelf Unit
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Days of the Week Chalk Board
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Round Gold Wall Mounted Mirror 50cm x 50cm
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Black Reindeer Drawer Knob
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Windsor Browne

Windsor Browne is our collection of all items we stock with a distinctly Rustic, Industrial, Vintage or Mid-Century Modern design!

We boast a fabulous selection of side tables, shelving, book cases, wall art, clocks, lighting and more! Our Windsor Browne collection has been designed with lovers of everything cool, quirky and kitsch in mind! 

What type of items does the Windsor Browne collection contain?

The Windsor Browne collection has everything you need to get inspired and create your own rustic farmhouse, industrial loft or mid-century modern terrace! But what if your unsure what the difference between these styles are? Let us help you with a quick guide! 


Rustic style furniture and home decor is often defined by its use of natural materials, such as stone or wood. Rustic decor inspired items often have a natural wooden finish, a washed finish or a distressed finish, Rustic interiors tend to revolve around a pale or earth toned colour palette, to help highlight the natural aesthetic. 


Industrial style is all about stripping back the unnecessary layers, finishes and details to be left with practical yet stylish furniture and home decor. Industrial style items are often made from metal, cement or wood. Industrial decor items often include stylistic features such as pipework or cogs to highlight the industrial vibe. 

Mid-Century Modern:

Mid-Century Modern interiors have a timeless appeal! Furniture and home decor designed in this style have a simple elegance and quirky look that has captured the imaginations of interior designers for decades. Anything retro goes in Mid-Century Modern interiors and the use of stand alone bold colours are encouraged. 


Vintage style items are heavily influenced by furniture and decor from past centuries. Think well crafted furniture with carved detailing, an often curved design or a distressed finish. Pieces are often made to look antiqued and home decor often has a quirky or kitsch feel due to their aged design. 

What products are included in the Windsor Browne collection?


There is a wide array of furniture available in the Windsor Browne collection including but not limited to shelving, side tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes, side boards, display cabinets and console tables. There is a variety of furniture collections included in the Windsor Browne furniture collection such as the Loft Living Range, The Vienna Range, The Daventry Range, The Lyon Range, The Davenport Range, the Grayson Range, the Hornsea Range as well as many others. Included in these furniture collections are full bedroom sets as well as a mixture of living room and dining room furniture sets. 


Mirrors are an important home accessory! Mirrors can easily transform a living space, making an area appear larger or more airy thanks to their reflective nature. Our Windsor Browne collection contains a compilation of all our stylish mirrors with an industrial, vintage, rustic, retro or scandi inspired design. Our Mirrors collection includes items designed for bedroom, bathroom, living room and hallway use. Our selection includes items with additional features such as shelves or hooks. We boast a variety of mirrors with a round design, rectangle design, a table top design, a free standing design, as well as mantle mirrors, decorative mirrors and extra large options. 

Home Decor:

Windsor Browne’s home decor collection contains some of our best selling home accessories. We stock a stylish variety of clocks in a selection of styles and sizes. We also boast a quirky selection of lighting such as lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights, lanterns and candle holders. However, by far our most popular home decor items are the animal head wall art collection we stock, especially stag heads. Windsor Brownes stag head selection include large and small designs, with stag heads made in a variety of colours and materials. This collection includes, silver stag heads, black stag heads, copper stag heads, gold stag heads as well as wooden designs.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

How long it will take to deliver your order to you depends on several different things; what you ordered, where you live and if your order is in stock. We make sure all items for sale on our website have the estimated delivery length and levels of stock available on each item listing. We offer free shipping on all orders over £50 as well as a 200 day returns policy. However, there are exceptions to these rules. For instance, some postcodes are not eligible for our Free shipping offer. Please read through our full Delivery and Returns policy to make sure you qualify. Alternatively, you can call, email or use live chat to contact our customer service team about any enquiries you may have.

Have you not found the right furniture and home decor for your living space? Have a browse of our full collection of Furniture, Mirrors and Home Decor and find your new favourite pieces!

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